1. Paying attention to your privacy

The Privacy Act 1998 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) are two privacy laws that Silver Hire Car Service is committed to following. These laws set standards for how personal information should be handled.
This policy tells you how we handle personal information in all parts of our business in Australia. This includes how we deal with customers, drivers, operators, people who use our services, and others who may contact us or give us personal information.

In particular, this guideline says:

the kinds of personal information we collect and keep, how we collect and keep it, why we collect, keep, use, and share it, your right to see it and ask for changes, and how you can talk to us about a privacy problem or make a complaint.

2. What kinds of personal information do we gather and keep?

We only get and keep personal information that is reasonable for our business functions and activities. We gather and store the following kinds of personal information:

your name, address (including email and website addresses), and phone number, as well as the same information for the person you are making a reservation for.
A confirmation number that we give you when you use our services or book services through our services; what, how, when, and where you have used our services or booked services through our services; information about your stated or likely preferences and your experiences with our services or services booked through our services; information about your membership in any loyalty programs; w. For example, if you offer transportation-related services, identification, taxation, government, or regulatory identifiers (like a driver's license number) and information about your vehicle and insurance; personal information about any complaints you make or are made about you, including recordings of any calls in this regard; personal information collected and held by financial or payment systems about the payment mechanism or method you might use (in the case of a bank, for example); and personal information about any complaints you make or are made about you

3. How do we get and store information about people?

When we get information about you that could be used to identify you, we write it down. When we do this:
  • you talk to us online;
  • you take part in our promotions, contests, testimonials, surveys, and focus groups;
  • you deal with us in other ways that require you to give us personal information, like when you call our call center, fill out a form, log into our website or app, or make a complaint. We might record all calls and get any personal information that is shared during them. When you visit our electronic sites, like websites or apps, we may also collect information about you using technology that you can't see, like "cookies" and other similar technologies. There is information on how cookies work and how to change the cookie settings in your computer. For example, go to https://www.staysmartonline.gov.au/alert-service/all-about-cookies-and-your-privacy-sso-alertpriority-low. Most of the personal information we have about you comes from your direct interactions with us, like what you tell us or what we learn from your direct interactions with us or our partners, like through "cookies." We may sometimes get information about you from places other than you. One example is
  • from other suppliers who have a relationship with you or information about you in common with us;
  • from those to whom we have given access to our online sites (such as through application programming interfaces);
  • from those we consider our business partners, our other customers, or our driver partners;
  • from publicly available information and from third party ratings and feedback.

Our contractors and service providers who help us with things like payment processing, fraud management, marketing, data analytics, and name verification and background checks may also give us information about you. Most of the time, the personal information we have is kept on websites and other computer systems. These may be run by us or by a company we work with. In all cases, we have information security rules to reduce the chances that personal information will be lost, misused, or changed without permission.

4. Why do we collect, store, use, and share knowledge about people?

When we gather, store, use, and share your personal information, we do so mainly to provide, sell, and promote goods and services that we provide or that are provided or obtained using our services, as well as to improve and expand the range of these goods and services.
For instance, we gather, store, use, and share the following personal information about you:

  • in connection with transport-related services by:
  • providing customer’s and driver’s personal information to each other in connection with the arrangement of specific transport-related services and to facilitate communications between drivers and customers;
  • facilitating the search of any missing property which may have been left behind by a customer in a driver partner’s vehicle or assisting with any police or regulatory enquiries;
  • to process and facilitate your payment for goods and services, including as required by law;
  • for direct marketing (see question 5 below);
  • for verification of your identity; to develop insights about you or to personalise your offerings or experience in using our services or services of our third party business partners, including drivers or to assist our service providers and third parties to conduct data analytics; for research and development or to improve goods and services, for example in connection with safety and security and preventing fraud; where you are involved in providing transport-related services, for criminal history and background checks (including verification of health information) and other manual processing checks regarding the verification of drivers and vehicles;
  • to assist in dispute resolution, investigating complaints and in enquiries and support; as required or permitted by law, court order and any government, law enforcement or other regulatory body.
  • We may collect, store, use, and share your personal information for other reasons that are reasonable. These may include acting on your requests, being involved in relationships between customers, drivers, and third-party suppliers of goods or services to you, or for legal reasons, such as when the law allows it.

5. Marketing by mail

We may also collect, use, and share your personal information to provide, sell, and promote goods and services that may be of interest to you. We may do this through email, SMS, mail, phone, and targeted and online marketing and advertising. This includes the goods and services that our suppliers and other third parties offer that may be of interest to you.

In order to do this, we may share your personal information with these third parties and the companies that help us with marketing, promotions, and advertising. You agree to receive these types of direct marketing and business electronic messages. You can tell us not to send you direct marketing, and we will tell you how to do this in our direct marketing products.

6. How can you find out about your personal information, get access to it, and change it?

We will give you access to any personal information we have about you (except in a few situations where the law says we can't). Please email us at info@silverhirecar.com.au if you want to see your personal information or have questions about your safety. You can ask the Office Manager your questions. We may need some proof of who you are before we give you access to your personal information. If giving you access to your personal information takes a lot of work on our part, we may charge you a reasonable fee. Please get in touch with us if you need to change any of your personal information.

7. How can you have a problem with how we handle your personal information?

If we broke the rules about privacy that we have to follow, you can call us or send us an email. We might ask you to write down your problem and tell us more about it. We might talk about your issue with our staff, our service providers, and other people as needed. We will look into the problem and try to solve it as soon as possible. We will tell you in writing how the investigation turns out. If we don't resolve your complaint to your satisfaction and no other complaint resolution procedures have been agreed upon or are required by law, we will let you know that your complaint may be sent to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner for further investigation and give you the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner's contact information.

8. Be safe

We care a lot about making sure your personal information is safe. We take reasonable steps to keep your personal information from being mishandled, messed with, lost, or changed or shared without your permission. This includes using things like access control methods, network firewalls, encryption, and physical security to keep your private information private. But to the fullest extent allowed by law, we exclude and limit our responsibility to you for any security breach, misuse, interference, or loss, as well as for any unauthorized access, change, or disclosure of your personal information.

9. Updates

The date below shows when this privacy policy is up to date. We may change it from time to time if we want to. If we decide to change this policy, we will let you know by whatever means we think are best under the circumstances. If you keep using our services, that means you agree with the changes.

10. Other rules and limits about privacy in this policy

This is the rule. Depending on how you interact with us and our businesses, there may be other privacy notices and rules that apply to you.

11. Find out more

If you want to know more about our Privacy Policy, you can reach us at:

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